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운영자 소개

The company General recipe s.r.o., with residency Kralicka 2104/1, 709 00 Ostrava - Marianske Hory, IN: 02938065, maintains the portal According to current trends in programming all language versions are developed in a popular programming language Ruby. We are programming in framework Ruby on Rails, which allows us to respond flexibly to the user's requirements in a relatively short time to implement changes throughout the system. 

We are interested in cooking and we are monitoring inovations in gastronomy. We support various culinary events and we are planning to organize similar actions. 

Several experienced editors and proofreaders support our portal. Editor is Mgr. Barbora Sumna. All your questions can be directed to the above e-mails or to general . Alternatively, you can use our forum or contact form.

우리의 팀은 당신이 포털과 좋은 맛 :)의 쾌적한 사용을 할